Scientific Program

Prague Protein Spring 2018 on subject "Proteins at Work"

Proteins in signalling pathways
Large Scale organization of Proteins
Proteins in Biomineralization
Integrating knowledge about Proteins at the systems' level

Speakers of the PPS 2018

José Onuchic (Rice, USA)
Exploring protein function: the convergence of structure based models and co-evolutionary information

Harel Weinstein (Cornell, USA)
How "proteins at work" in the membrane employ allosteric mechanisms

Marek Jindra (Biology Center CAS, CZ)
The curious receptor for the “hormone of youth”

Rob Finn (EMBL-EBI, UK)
Bioprospecting for novel proteins in metagenomics dataset - fact or fiction?

Konstantin Popov (NCU Chapel Hill, USA)
Towards complete control of protein function in living cells.

Gideon Schreiber (Weizmann Institute, IL)
How to proteins function within the crowded cellular milieu

Amnon Horovitz (Weizmann Institute, IL)
Chaperonin nano-machines: allostery and function

Arnold Boersma (Groningen University, NL)
Designed proteins to probe the intracellular environment

David Drew (Stockholm University , SE)
Establishing the Molecular Mechanism of Sodium/Proton Exchangers

Gary Drobny (UW Seattle, USA)
Spectroscopic Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics at Biomineral Interfaces

José Maria Valpuesta (Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, ES)
Hsp70: a master regulator in proteostasis ... and more

Charles Kurland (Lund University, SE)
Mitochondria are not captive bacteria

Alan Jasanoff (MIT, USA)
Engineering magnetically active proteins for imaging the brain.

Christine Orengo (University College London, UK)
How proteins evolve - CATH FunFam insights on functional innovation

Mónika Fuxreiter (University of Debrecen, HU)
Fuzziness in protein assemblies – towards a stochastic paradigm

Jan Procházka (IMG Prague, CZ)
Ameloblastin: too many roles of enamel specialized protein?

Petter Lyngstaadas (University of Oslo, NO)
Dental enamel; protein templated biomineralization in a complex hierarchical biological system

Michele Vendruscolo (Cambridge University, UK)
Protein homeostasis dysregulation in Alzheimer's disease

Jens Danielsson (University of Stockholm, SE)
In-cell thermodynamics: modulation of protein stability and transient interactions in the cytosol

Kosuke Fujishima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)
Protein engineering and in vitro evolution studies for the origins of life