Prague Protein Spring 2018


PPS 2018 aims to cover a thematic issue: "Proteins at Work". This time we would like to address concepts and system approaches demonstrated on selected general topics: "Proteins in signalling pathways",  "Large Scale organization of Proteins", "Proteins in Biomineralization" and "Integrating knowledge about Proteins at the systems' level". We would like to reflect both the theoretical and the experimental points of view, and finally, tackle a question of utilization of the knowledge in applied science. The major goal of PPS 2018 meeting is to propose a discussion on the current progress in the field and anticipate the future direction in protein science. We are looking forward to welcome prominent scientists as well as young colleagues with significant contribution to the selected topics. The essential characteristics of this meeting is its dedication and focused mission delivered by highly acclaimed scientists and motivated students and their inter-generation interactions.

Supported by

NanoTemper Technologies GmbH
Czech society for biochemistry and molecular biology


Beckman Coulter
Gilead Sciences, Inc